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Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Build A Summer Room

Got an unused area in your home’s exterior space? Building a Garden room in Essex is one of the best ways to boost your property’s functionality, curb appeal, and overall market value.

Garden rooms are fully-insulated stand-alone structures that can be used for various purposes. It can serve as your creative nook, a reading room, a home office, your own spa or mini-gym, or even a guest room. And if you’re planning to construct one, the summer season is the best time to do it.

Why Build Your Garden Room In Summer

A well-designed, insulated, and built garden room Essex can be used all year-round. But it’s ideal to have it constructed during the summer months.

The weather is generally consistently fair in the summertime, allowing your builders to prepare the site and do the construction properly without disruption. Unlike other seasons, your ground will be dry and mild in warmer months. This facilitates a better construction process while safeguarding your materials (if you install a wooden framework in other seasons, it will be prone to trapping moisture and rotting).

If you build a garden room in extreme weather conditions, it’s not only the installation per se that will be more difficult. Outsourcing construction materials and transporting them are also more challenging to do.

Building garden rooms typically takes a few weeks. When you build it early in summer, you can complete your project in time to do many fun and relaxing activities in the coming months ahead.

Tips To Know When Building A Garden Room

Garden rooms make for a great investment if you want to elevate the look and functionality of your property. To ensure their longevity and usability, you have to plan things properly.

First, identify your purpose. It can be quite exciting to undertake a garden room construction project. To keep you on track (as there are many ways to design and fit a garden room), you must be firm about your purpose. Whether you’re using it as a home office or a music room, your objective will guide you as to how the layout will be and which amenities will it feature. Also, make sure that you have enough space for it — build an appropriately proportional size.

Before you can even begin constructing a garden room, you must also obtain the necessary permits and know the building codes that you have to meet.

To ensure that every step of the process is well-executed, you should also hire trusted garden room specialists. They will help you design, build, properly insulate your room, and equip it with all vital systems (e.g. HVAC, electrical) so you can use it safely and comfortably.

Hire The Best Team To Build Your Garden Room In Essex

Wright Sheds Ltd has more than 43 years of experience providing Essex property owners with bespoke outdoor extension and garden room construction services. Using high-quality materials at wholesale prices, you can guarantee that every output they deliver is something that will last for decades.

They can build different kinds of garden rooms — from studio-style rooms, log cabin-style rooms, hip-roof cabins, and full-on garden studios— that all features quality materials from flooring to roofing, doors to windows, to exterior cladding.

Ready to build your garden room Essex? Avail of their free quote and check out For enquiries, contact them at, 01268 729808, or 07976 277 ...

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