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White Hat Academy – Advanced SEO Training in Kolkata

The digital marketing world saw an increase in importance for search engine optimization in 2021. This was primarily due to the Coronavirus pandemic which helped the digital marketing industry grow as well as some important Google algorithm updates. As we are well into 2022, SEO is still at the intersection of technology, marketing and a user-focused approach. SEO has thus become the standard practice for online and brick-and-mortar businesses, providing career opportunities to aspiring professionals. Luckily, White Hat Academy provides one of the best SEO training programs suited for present circumstances.

Introducing White Hat Academy

White Hat Academy is a Kolkata, India-based digital marketing training institute which provides a variety of courses such as PPC Training in Kolkata, Digital Marketing and SEO Training. At White Hat Academy, you will get:
• 100% assistance on passing globally recognised Google Ad Words exams.
• 100% job assistance
• Flexible class timings
• State-of-the-art infrastructure
• Post course support

Advanced SEO training in Kolkata from Industry Experts at White Hat Academy

The internet is growing at a phenomenal rate with Indian brands capitalising on this new media for marketing purposes. With the Indian economy slated to grow, it is quite natural that the need for digital marketing professionals will grow as well. As a result, a lot of vacancies will be available for well-trained SEO experts.

This is where White Hat Academy comes into play. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and industry-honed faculty, the White Hate academy provides affordable and easy-to-join SEO courses.

Why join SEO courses right now?

White Hat Academy offers online and in-person classes, whichever is convenient for students. But why should you join SEO courses? Let’s find out.

• Niche traffic

SEO allows marketers to cut the noise out and direct traffic with the most potential to convert into sales. This massively improves ROI. With a good SEO campaign, organisations can enjoy long-term sales and online visibility.

• Build a brand

Some of the world’s biggest brands such as Samsung, Apple, Mercedes and more are resorting to digital marketing. While brand building is a painfully long exercise, a well-thought-out SEO campaign can help any brand stand out.

• Global reach

Do you like web surfing? Statistics suggest that almost 90% of users online use SEO to find a product or service they wish to purchase. This provides a wonderful opportunity or professionals to train for SEO.

• Measurable ROI

With SEO, companies have marked results, predictable growth paths and a niche consumer base to target. A good SEO campaign can get a brand through sales objectives with precision.

So why should you join SEO training at White Hat Academy?

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons to choose SEO training as part of your digital marketing education.

1. Professional SEO Certificate

At White Hat Academy, you get a stamp of authenticity for professional SEO skills and experience. White Hat Academy is a globally recognised brand whose certificate will enable you to get placements in many organisations.

2. Job prospects

The SEO industry in Kolkata and India is expanding at a phenomenal rate. You can rest assured that some brilliant career prospects are waiting for you in this avenue after finishing SEO training. With better SEO campaign management skills, you can improve the ROI of almost any brand or firm you’re working for.

3. Improved management skills

With White Hat Academy’s SEO training, you can become an indispensable part of any firm. White Hat Academy’s all-inclusive SEO training not only includes the technical aspects but also SEO management skills.

4. Get updated knowledge and skills

SEO is an ever-changing digital marketing strategy which requires professionals to be on top of their game at all times. At White Hat Academy, you get the required skills and knowledge about the latest strategies and online marketing techniques.

5. Industries Where You Can Apply SEO

Most companies across industries, who have a digital presence, cannot survive without SEO. Major brands such as Target, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and others have all started implementing SEO in some capacity. Let’s take a look at some of the industries that use SEO.

1. E-commerce
Companies in the e-commerce sector use SEO to drive customers to their websites, which increases daily sales in the long term. E-commerce companies optimise their product webpages for generating more leads using long-tail keywords, Meta titles, descriptions, page URLs and other elements. This on-page SEO helps them to improve their company website for better visibility within search engines.

2. Digital marketing companies
Digital marketing uses many digital mediums such as blogs, websites, emails, social media and others to be effective. For proper marketing, digital marketing service providers need to make your product or service easily accessible on search engines. As a result, digital marketing companies promote their services by making themselves easily accessible on search engines such as Google or Bing.

3. Professional services
SEO is very important for companies providing professional services such as accountants, bankers, lawyers, IT consultants, financial planners, insurance providers and similar services. These companies use SEO to increase web traffic by adding backlinks to their website.

4. Tour and travel services
For companies in the travel industry, establishing a digital footprint has become increasingly important due to consumers turning to digital channels to plan their vacations. Travellers can spend hours searching on the net for information regarding particular destinations. Organic search drives more traffic for companies using SEO than any other digital channel. SEO can also provide great ROI for businesses and hotels that spend time and money boosting their online marketing campaigns.

5. Local businesses
Search engines promote locally-owned businesses which is not possible without a local SEO strategy. Today’s customers tend to conduct a quick online search to check the reputation of small businesses before purchasing anything. They check out the brand’s website, read customer reviews and social media channels before they are sure. SEO can be used well by businesses engaging in health and beauty, fashion, sports and outdoor, printing services, home and garden, decor, bars, restaurants, and similar services.

6. Real estate industry
The modern real estate industry is highly online, as people searching for new homes, apartments or condos usually go online to get information. There is an emphasis on local SEO, with people looking for zip codes, towns and cities. Sufficiently optimised ads can help people looking for specific types of real estates, such as certain home designs.

Search engine optimisation is essential for online visibility in 2022, no matter which industry it is used in. Proper training in SEO will allow applicants to establish domain authority, raise brand awareness and expand businesses. To learn more about how White Hat Academy can provide you with some of the most affordable yet detailed courses in SEO, visit

About White Hat Academy

White Hat Academy is a digital marketing training institute based out of Kolkata, India. It aims to bridge the gap between demand and supply by training young talent through a variety of courses including SEO training. White Hat Academy provides real-life live international project exposure and 100% assistance in passing globally recognised tests. It also has partnerships with several corporate firms and IT SMEs, which offer a great platform for training purpo ...

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