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What's next for Elrond, Maiar & eGLD

For more than one year, we've been working on Maiar - the simplest and most powerful financial app, enabling easy, global, and inexpensive crypto & money transfers, to anyone with a mobile phone. With Maiar, we aim to open the digital economy to 1 Billion people.

What's Next for Maiar

Maiar alpha is live, and for the next 4-5 weeks, we're going through a rapid iteration cycle, with the most passionate Elrond supporters having received access, to provide valuable feedback and speed up dev process. What's important is that Maiar improves with each cycle. New releases of Maiar alpha will go out every week. If you're not in the first wave, don't lose hope because the second wave will soon follow, and the third wave after that. Once this rapid iteration is done, pending security audits, we will have the first public beta version of Maiar out for testing, targeted for September. Many people from the waiting list will get access to test earlier. With Maiar launched, this will be the simplest, and most universally accessible way to buy, store, stake, lend, and spend eGold. All fiat onramps announced during the last period will be integrated into Maiar, radically simplifying onboarding to the Elrond's ecosystem.

Elrond's Mission

Elrond's mission is to create a global, transparent, near-instant, non-inflationary financial system, and give anyone, anywhere, easy access to it. Elrond Network is a high bandwidth, low latency, high security, low-cost blockchain network, that can accommodate transactions and value exchange at the internet scale. The solution is live now and can process above 15.000 transactions per second, with 6-second latency, and $0.001 transaction cost. This will radically transform the way we exchange value, just as broadband internet transformed the way we communicate.

Elrond Gold Vision

With eGold we've taken the most robust and universal store of value in existence, and improved its every aspect by making it digital. Whether it's fungibility, portability, durability, divisibility, impossibility to be counterfeited, seamless transferability, scarcity, or non-sovereignty, all of these take a superlative form in eGold. But perhaps most important aspects when it comes to eGold, are global transferability at a negligible cost via any communication channel, infinite programmability, and digital scarcity.

Through the powerful combination of Elrond network, Maiar and eGold, a rapid reinforcing feedback loop is born, enabling an immediate and direct value creation mechanism, unlike any other seen before. The pieces are coming together to give anyone, anywhere, easy access to this digital economy.

For more information, please visit us at or join the Maiar Telegram group and talk to us directly: ...

News Release: What's next for Elrond, Maiar & eGLD
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