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What is Keto Wave Shark Tank?

One of the main reasons people choose to undergo a diet is to lose weight. Because the Keto Wave forces the body to use fat as an energy source, you’ll certainly see results if you stick to the plan. We have previously shown that overfeeding of carbohydrates increases DNL and IHTG . The primary substrate in the DNL pathway is citrate, which is produced by mitochondrial citrate synthase.

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Thus, an additional contributing mechanism by which KD decreases IHTG could be a decrease in DNL due to decreases in serum insulin concentrations and VCS. The symptoms associated with ketosis are often temporary and may relate to dehydration. These may include headache, dry mouth, bad breath, fatigue and nausea. However, it’s worth noting that because the diet restricts carbs it is typically low in dietary fibre which may have a negative impact on gut health including the presence of gut friendly bacteria.

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News Release: What is Keto Wave Shark Tank?
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