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Top-Quality Leather Available Wholesale at Pinchmill Leathers

Taking pride in over two decades of experience, Pinchmill Leathers is one of the leading leather merchants in the UK. As a premium leather wholesaler, they offer a wide variety of leather products — from suede to cow hide to veg tan.

Over the years, they have perfected their craft and have been consistently practicing precise quality control to provide products that are durable. They guarantee that every step of the production process is monitored and every product is delivered safely to their customers.

Offering A Comprehensive Range Of Leather Products

Pinchmill Leathers is one of the go-to leather wholesale UK manufacturers because of their variety of their offerings. Here are some of them.

Suede. Suitable for footwear, garments, and bags, their collection of suede leather covers a wide range of colours. They also provide washable suede upon request.

Galaxy leather. Pinchmill has been developing this premium quality Italian leather for over six years now. This leather material gives an elegant touch to handbags, footwear, and wallets.

Country leather. Primarily used for pram shows, the country leather was first developed in 2001. It offers a soft, flexible feel topped with a durable finish. It is available mostly in vibrant colours and can also be applied for leather goods and giftware.

Cow leather hide. Versatile, sustainable, and top-quality, Pinchmill’s cow leather hide meets European REACH standards. Its unparalleled durability can be owed to the company’s meticulous process and strong ties with specialist suppliers.

Lamb nappa. Best used in several types of garment and leatherwear, this soft leather material from Pinchmill conforms to REACH and LWG standards. Because of its softness, the lamb nappa is also suitable for orthopaedic lining and helmets.

Pig skin. This heavyweight leather material is available in black, white, natural, and brown. Because of its strength, it can be used as a lining for different trades and products. The company also offers a lightweight version of this material.

Chamois. Teaming with a trusted supplier, their chamois leather is made of specially selected skins. This material is known for its being lightweight yet durable. With its stretchability, this leather is also popularly used for the orthotic and orthopaedic industries.

Veg tan. Available in a wide range of thicknesses, Pincmill’s veg tan leather is ideal for the straps and belts used for re-enactors. They also offer economical-grade veg tan for smaller leather goods.

Serving A Wide Variety Of Industries

One of the best leather merchants in the country, Pinchmill Leathers caters to several industries. One of the most common uses of their leather products is in general footwear. They also supply quality leather to people working in the interior and fashion design industries.

Additionally, they also offer cost-effective leather solutions to specialised fields, like orthopaedics and orthotics. Their products are also patronised by players in the arts and crafts sector.

Get Leather From UK’s Leading Wholesale Supplier

In need of a leather wholesale UK supplier? Pinchmill Leathers boasts quality products offered at incredibly competitive prices. Learn more about the company and visit For enquiries, call them at 01933 309011 or email them at pinchmillleathers@btconnect. ...

News Release: Top-Quality Leather Available Wholesale at Pinchmill Leathers
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