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Reclaim native control of .NET Core without installing resource-heavy MS Office or Excel Interop

September 2, 2022: No one wants to create a new C# or VB.NET project that end-users do not want to download because of the draw on system resources. It used to be required to have MS Office or Excel Interop to get around this problem, which did not do a lot of good to reduce cost or resource allocation, but with the new application from IronSoftware, you get a simple solution.

The Net Core Excel library allows you and your team to introduce Excel spreadsheet creation, editing, and manipulation within your project and .NET applications. This supports .NET Core, Standard, Framework, and Azure Cloud, all from a simple .NET Core excel NuGET install.

Now you can pass on simple spreadsheet documentation capabilities to your end-users. That means you can create the long-awaited update to your recent weight management application or custom scientific research support program you have always wanted. With Net Core Excel, you get all the same data formatting we have all grown up within Excel. That includes formatting cell styles, text, formulas, dates, times, currencies, and so much more. You can even still sort, merge, and format rows and columns just as you would inside MS Office.

Your development team gets to add a great deal of versatility to your next project because end users will be able to export datasheets into XLS, XLSX, CSV, TSV, JSON, and more. These are the standard formats needed by a team that works across international boundaries and may not have the identical software suits as their co-workers in different countries. It also allows you to export data for other stakeholders with various platform needs.

To learn more about the specific use cases and how to take advantage of Net Core Excel, visit In addition, you can download a free 30-day version of this C# Excel library at to see how it integrates into your current project bu ...

News Release: Reclaim native control of .NET Core without installing resource-heavy MS Office or Excel Interop
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