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Quickly scan and document barcodes from multiple PDF files using IronSoftware's new application

May 15, 2022: So many companies, organizations, and institutions need to digitize their documented information. That often requires a ton of human resources, taking away valuable time and money from customer interaction or new product development. Now you can enhance your client’s capabilities through your next development project, including C# Read Barcode from PDF into your C# or VB.NET platform. 

Imagine the difference it makes for a university creating a more digital-based library or a law firm needing to scan through thousands of legal documents to be able to read barcodes from multiple pages at a time. This powerful application from IronSoftware pre-processes image data to speed up the time it takes to finalize as well as correct poorly scanned PDFs by correctly skewed, distorted, or heavily noised images. 

The same is true for the inversion of the application’s purpose. You can also use C# Read Barcode from PDF to introduce barcodes and QR codes into your PDF documents. You can even save your barcode as a standalone PDF file that generates all kinds of unique data related to URLs, brand information, contact details, social media links, and more from a single image. 

There is a ton of customer support available from the team at IronSoftware, but to get started with your development project integrating C# Read Barcode from PDF, visit the documentation and integration instructions at

C# Read Barcode from PDF is available for a free 30-day trial the next time you wish to add this type of feature benefit to your project. You can download the free package at and take your time getting to know the attributes of this great application.

Give your clients the capability to read, generate, and manipulate barcodes and QR codes without needing extra software or resource-heavy applications. Integrate the C# Read Barcode from PDF into your project to ...

News Release: Quickly scan and document barcodes from multiple PDF files using IronSoftware's new application
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