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Profi Facility Maintenance: Making Sure Commercial Properties Running At Peak Efficiency As Storms Approach

FORT LAUDERDALE – As South Florida heads into the perilous peak of Hurricane Season, one Fort Lauderdale-based company is watching out for commercial properties and their owners to make sure they’re prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Founded by college buddies Michael Loudis and Patrick Cueva while they attended Florida State University, ProFi Facility Maintenance ( is a one-stop shop for handling the needs of commercial facilities. Services include handyman, porter, pressure cleaning, street sweeping, and overall maintenance.

“While all of these services are important to maintaining a commercial property, there is an urgency as we head into the peak of the Hurricane Season,” said Loudis, President and CEO. “Our strength is in anticipating challenges as a storm approaches.

“By taking the proper precautions, our clients’ properties can remain safe and resume operations quickly and safely after the storm passes.”

With hundreds of properties in its portfolio of clients throughout the tri-county area, ProFi uses the most sophisticated technology to track work and communicate with properties that include industrial parks, retail centers, and office buildings.

“The systems we have in place give clients confidence that we’re always watching out for them,” said Cueva. “This is particularly important as storms approach and we prepare properties for high winds, potential flooding, and other challenges associated with these situations.”

ProFi creates a customized list of safeguards for each of its clients to give them the best chances of resuming business in a safe and secure environment.

“The safety of our clients is always front and center,” added Loudis. “We give them the best chances of having an operational location that is secure for returning to work.”

Among the pre-storm preparations are:

- Sealing all doors and windows
- Installing shutters/plywood to openings
- Lining the building perimeters with sand bags if necessary
- Making sure generators are operational in the event of power outages
- Clearing debris prior to and after storms

The other major advantage of working with ProFi is that these services are only available to existing clients.

“We put our clients first,” said Cueva. “We’d like to help everyone during and after a storm, but that’s not possible.

“These services are implemented to get our clients back to business-as-usual as quickly as possible. We’re also in constant contact with our customers which gives them a sense of security and confidence that we’re on our way and have a plan in place.”

That is standard for customers regardless of what Mother Nature may have in store for South Florida.

“We pride ourselves on professionalism,” said Loudis. “Our staff shows up in uniforms with the proper equipment. Our clients take pride in their places of business and appreciate our attention to detail when it comes to storm preparation, basic maintenance, and ongoing repairs.”

ProFi also prides itself on anticipating problems rather than reacting. This involves regular maintenance inspections, busy-season preparations, and scheduled safety audits.

“Our goal is to make sure our properties are running at peak efficiency,” said Cueva. “This translates into better business, attracting quality employees, and having a professional image.

“Our approach to doing what we do best allows our clients to do what they do best ...

News Release: Profi Facility Maintenance: Making Sure Commercial Properties Running At Peak Efficiency As Storms Approach
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