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Original SpO2 Sensors, Standard Li-Ion Battery Pac Available At Euroenergy

Leicester, UK - The medical field is an essential part of society. People working within the medical industry are experts trained to provide the best care possible for their patients. They can only provide the proper care with the correct medical devices and accessories. These medical devices can mean the difference between life or death, which means they all have to function properly.

To guarantee that all medical accessories are of the highest quality, they should be purchased from a reputable and trusted local supplier. Why does the supplier of medical accessories matter?

Guaranteed Quality

Hospitals and clinics cannot risk purchasing low-quality medical supplies from just any supplier. Reputable suppliers such as Euroenergy are trusted to provide clients with high-quality medical accessories that will perform as expected. All accessories, such as the 14.8v Lithium Ion Battery and more are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Safety And Security

There is a big risk when it comes to using low-quality medical accessories. They can malfunction at the worst time or even cause injury when they do not function as intended. Choosing original medical accessories reduces this risk significantly which protects both the medical staff and their patients.


Using the wrong medical accessories can damage expensive medical machines and devices. Although purchasing cheap accessories seems like a money-saving decision initially, it can lead to bigger and more serious expenses in the end.

Where To Find Original Manufacturer Medical Products

Euroenergy is the leading provider and manufacturer of genuine medical accessories such as the Nellcor pulse oximeter sensor. If your clinic or hospital is looking to replace old sensors and other accessories, here are some of Euroenergy’s available SpO2 Sensor and more:

Physio Control Masimo SET Rainbow Reusable Sensor

An original Masimo adult finger SpO2 sensor from Physio Control/Stryker. A lightweight medical accessory that can be reused after being sanitised. These sensors are very comfortable for adults to use while they require hospital care.

GE Trusignal SpO2 AllFit Adhesive Sensor

Adhesive sensors are made to stay in place despite the patient’s movement. The GE Trusignal AllFit Adhesive sensor comes with 25 pieces to ensure there are sensors on hand at all times.

GE TruSignal Adult / Pediatric SpO2 Adhesive Sensor (Single-Use)

Adult and pediatric patients can easily use a more versatile SpO2 sensor of this type. These single-use sensors allow more convenient use in a fast-paced clinic or hospital.

Nellcor SpO2 Disposable NEONATAL Sensors

Neonatal care is a very sensitive field where the utmost care and monitoring are expected and deemed essential. These Nellcor disposable SpO2 sensors are a must-have in any NICU to ensure infants receive the best care possible.

More Sensors And Medical Accessories

Whether you are looking for a 14.8v lithium ion battery or a replacement for your current Nellcor pulse oximeter sensor Euroenergy has it all and more. Come check out our website and have access to high-quality original medical accessories whenever you need t ...

News Release: Original SpO2 Sensors, Standard Li-Ion Battery Pac Available At Euroenergy
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