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Matthieu Ricard – World Famous Translator And Photographer

If you are an art lover or photographer you must know about the Ricard. Ricard is one of the happiest men in the world. Through the painting and photographs, he searches for happiness. If you need to see the paintings and photographs you can visit their website. Matthieu Ricard was born in February 1946 and is a famous translator, French writer, Buddhist monk, and photographer. He uses different kinds of meditations such as analytic, compassion, and open awareness. Here you can get more information about Ricard who is the happiest person.

• Education and award

Ricard received a Ph.D. degree in molecular genetics and decided to forsake his career. After studying the management program at the HEC in Paris, he has practiced as an international business lawyer. The law is an important tool that shows the rule of founding, which lets people live happily and peacefully in society. Ricard has received the French national order of merit for his work. He received lots of awards for his social service, education, and others. Ricard donates many proceeds from his conference.

• Art and photographs

Ricard began the art journey at the age of 14. He has done lots of painting and Ricard feels happy when painting. Ricard has exhibited his painting and photography at popular Museums in hong kong, Pairs, and New York. Ricard visits different places to capture photographs. He has a deep affection for the Bhutan culture and people. If you need to know more about the Ricard you can visit Jean Timsit.

Ricard is one of the board members of the mind and life institute. It is devoted to the research between the meditator, scientists, Buddhist scholar, and others. Ricard is engaged in research in the mind training effect on the brand and popular institutes around the world. He has undergone three years in retreat to learn about the long-term meditators.

Photographs of the landscape and spiritual master of Ricard have appeared in the magazine. The Himalayan people read the magazine of Ricard. Lots of books and magazines have been published that show how he is spending his life happily. Many Buddhist texts are translated by the Ricard that allows people to learn easily. Ricard is the author of Caring Economics that is a famous book.

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