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Is It Profitable To Resell SEO Services?

The search engine is a busy space. Nine in 10 web traffic takes place in search engines, and about eight in 10 users commence their product research online. If you're a marketing or creative agency that doesn't offer search engine optimization (SEO) services, then you're missing out on big revenue-generating opportunities. When you don't have ample resources to expand your offerings on your own, it's high time to consider being an SEO reseller.

How Is Reselling SEO Profitable?

Offering SEO services under your brand puts your business in a better market position. After all, more and more businesses are outsourcing services to meet their SEO needs.

White label SEO or SEO reselling lets you provide SEO services to your clients without having an SEO team of your own. You do this by entering into an agreement with another business that does SEO, rebranding the services as if it's your own, and offering them at a higher price to the end client.

The marked-up price is just one of the several ways you can boost your bottom line.

For both the marketing agencies involved, this is a win-win situation. On the part of the SEO service provider, they can find customers without spending on marketing and advertising. On your part, you get to add something new to your services without hiring additional staff and training them to get up-to-date SEO knowledge. These savings on human resource expenses can also help boost your profit.

In the long run, once you establish your SEO services as result-driven, then you can improve your business' reputation and even attract more clients. Expanding your client base could mean an increase in your income as well.

Finding An SEO Partner

All the different ways you can profit from reselling SEO boils down to this important thing — the need to team up with a dependable SEO partner. Consider these tips when adding SEO to your repertoire:

Look into their experience. How long have they been in this space? Who are the previous clients they've worked with? Are they consistent in delivering result-generating SEO services?

Ask for references and look for reviews. Don't just believe what they claim. Ask for proof. Being hesitant to give client reviews or references is a red flag to watch out for.

Know what's included in their services. SEO is a broad term, and it's not just about finding the right keywords. Check if their range of services match what you're thinking of providing to your clients.

Ask if they have enough staff. Though they may be experienced, they may not be as reliable if they don't have enough workforce to take on SEO projects.

Make sure they're not resellers themselves. Doing this will prevent you from paying more than you should. If you want to maximize your reselling profit, this is one tip you shouldn't ignore.

Become An SEO Reseller Today

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