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How do you know if a mover is reliable?

So to live a move in all serenity with the help of real professionals , do not hesitate to carry out a few checks before accepting the quote from your moving company!

Opt for professionalism!
As with many services or purchases, it is very often recommended to hire a professional . For some services, this is unavoidable if you do not wish to suffer certain prejudices. Masonry work, repairs to your vehicle, electrical work or moving on short or long journeys, it is always safer and more reassuring to opt for an expert and professional.

In terms of moving, using a professional moving company allows you to benefit from all the guarantees provided for in the Consumer Code . Indeed, every professional has duties and obligations to which he must comply if he does not want to see his liability engaged or even his notoriety deteriorate. The Consumer Code provides in its texts a period of 10 days to report any damage. This period is also extended to 3 months in the event that the professional has not informed you of the procedure to follow to file a complaint.

Of course, companies that are not declared are therefore not insured , this means that if you have not carried out checks before entrusting your move to a so-called company, your goods and furniture will not be insured. . In the event of theft, breakage, accident or bodily injury, you cannot claim any compensation ; it is essential, in fact, to check that a removal company is declared.

Find out about the reliability of your mover!

Once you have made the various quotes, it will be up to you to verify the veracity of the information provided to you. The first thing will be to carry out an audit to certify that the moving company is well declared . Like other activities, moving is a regulated activity , this means that the company must be registered in the trade and companies register (RCS) or in the register of trades and in the register of carriers and rental companies.. Some platforms bring together multiple information on all companies in operation or deregistered. This allows you, first of all, to see if the company has been registered, if it is still in business, but also to know the identity of the legal representatives. On the website of the Ministry responsible for transport , you will obtain the list of all registered moving companies.

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In addition, the mover must hold a certificate of professional competence obtained by equivalence of diploma or following a professional examination. He must meet the conditions of professional integrity , namely an absence of criminal conviction of the legal managers of the company and the person holding the certificate of professional compete ...

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