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Hotels In Kolakham Homestay Changey Falls Resort

Kolakham is a small village nestled in Neora Valley National Park and at an altitude of 6500ft, is a paradise to nature lovers. Most Kolakham Homestays, set amidst Oak, Rhododendron, Pine forests, and overlooking the majestic Himalayan Range, is an getaway for people who wish to explore pristine mountain wilderness and nature. However the main village is slowly expanding and is losing the charm of a isolated, peaceful natural ambience that Kolakham hotels are associated with. Our hotel in Kolakham is 4 kms ahead of the main village town and offers you the charm of wild and peaceful beauty. During your stay in the hotels in Kolakham, each morning you will wake up to the sweet melody of birds chirping on the trees surrounding the resort. From the rooms in our Kolakham Hotel you can view the sunrise and the rays of sunshine reflecting of the Kunchenjunga, and hills of oak, cedar, and pine all around. Add to that the view of the 3 step changey falls flowing with a natural musical backgro ...

News Release: Hotels In Kolakham Homestay Changey Falls Resort
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