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Farmonaut Satellite Based Crop Health Monitoring Systems Can Now Be Hosted On Any Website

Farmonaut has recently announced a new addition to their list of features that is going to solve all the woes of business houses seeking the need for satellite data in the agriculture industry. Farmonaut has made it easier for businesses to integrate the Satellite-Based crop health monitoring system provided by them with-in their websites by adding just a few lines of integration code.

With this, the businesses will be able to host Farmonaut's systems on their websites and provide all of its cutting-edge services and platform features to their users. By hosting Farmonaut's system on their websites, businesses will be able to increase their revenue influx as the revenue generated through this integration will be shared with the hosting website as well. Furthermore, the users subscribing to Farmonaut's services through the website will also be provided an exclusive discount.
Farmonaut provides satellite-based crop health monitoring services and field mapping services to users through its platforms, API, and website linking options. Users can locate their fields on the Farmonaut platform (android, iOS, or web app) and identify the regions of the fields at which the crop growth is not normal through a detailed analysis of satellite data captured by the system. Users can then apply fertilizers, chemicals, insecticides, pesticides, plant growth regulators, etc. to the areas where the crop growth is not normal. They also receive vegetation water stress, evapotranspiration, and soil organic carbon data every 3-5 days through satellites along with weather forecast data from the nearest weather station. We also have the capabilities to provide uninterrupted crop health satellite data even during cloudy weather through synthetic aperture radar (SAR) sens ...

News Release: Farmonaut Satellite Based Crop Health Monitoring Systems Can Now Be Hosted On Any Website
Submitted on: February 23, 2021 05:22:24 AM
Submitted by: Akash Omar
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