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Expanding its reach even further, Jetage Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is now introducing Bookviaus - United Kingdom.

The company's dedication to delivering exceptional BPO and KPO services has solidified its reputation as a leader in the field. However, Sanjeev Walia and Mahesh Chawla are at the helm of Jetage Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a key component of the Jetage family, stands as a testament to the company's holistic approach to IT solutions. Through, Jetage empowers businesses with a full spectrum of technology services, from software development and infrastructure solutions to UI/UX design and digital marketing.

Bookviaus USA, another subsidiary of Jetage Solutions, celebrates two years of driving change and modernizing travel experiences. Headquartered in the USA, it primarily focuses on delivering an array of deluxe Travel and Tourism solutions. This encompasses airline bookings with tailor-made packages such as family packages, honeymoon packages, and more for domestic and international destinations.

Bookviaus India , marks a strategic expansion for Jetage Solutions. By extending similar personalized services as its American counterpart, Bookviaus India will revolutionize the way customers engage with domestic flight services, bringing a new level of comfort and ease to every travel adventure.

Bookviaus India's delivery of over 3500+ domestic and international packages in just two years speaks volumes about its efficiency and reliability. Achieving a high Google rating of 4.9 further validates the quality of service provided by Bookviaus India, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence in package delivery. Such consistent performance undoubtedly contributes significantly to Jetage Solutions Pvt. Ltd.'s overall reputation and success in the industry.

Roadwings Logistics , provides shipment services for international clients. Its logistics network is an unbeatable blend of connectivity and potential. They deliver the highest-quality third-party logistics, one shipment at a time.
Jetage Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the Parent Firm of and Roadwings Logistics, Celebrates the Launch of Bookviaus India, an Extension of Its Other Unit, Bookviaus USA

About Jetage Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Jetage Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a trailblazing IT solutions provider with a rich history of innovation. The company's diverse portfolio includes Bookviaus USA, Bookviaus India, and, all operating efficiently within Jetage’s purview and with the singular mission of delivering technology- based solutions.

About Sanjeev Walia
Sanjeev Walia is a visionary with over three decades of experience in the IT sector. For the last 5 years, he has been the Chairman of PACT (Punjab Association of Computer Traders) and National Convenor of FAIITA (Federation of All India IT Associations), where he continues to shape the IT landscape on a national scale. Sanjeev Walia saw Jetage as a crucial opportunity to grow his business prospects. His consistent belief in the impressive statistics of Jetage’s performance has led him to invest more resources over time. It prompted him to promote the establishment of the company’s office in India.

About Mahesh Chawla
Mahesh Chawla comes from a diverse background in hotel management and media production. He is an experienced hotelier, resort owner, and a media producer with his channel. Besides, he had been the ex-chairman of the Sport Tournament. His successful ventures in these domains furthered the convergence of his cause with Jetage’s constant growth potential. His aspiration to turn his business from the travel industry into a worldwide phenomenon has made him one of the top invest ...

News Release: Expanding its reach even further, Jetage Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is now introducing Bookviaus - United Kingdom.
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