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DataNumen Outlook Express Repair: Easily Recover Outlook Express Emails from Damaged Mail Folders

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December 24th, 2020

Contact: Chen Chongwei
Company: DataNumen, Inc
Title: Manager

DataNumen Outlook Express Repair 2.5: Easily Recover Outlook Express Emails from Damaged Mail Folders

Hong Kong - December 24th, 2020: DataNumen Inc., the leading provider of data recovery technologies, has released DataNumen Outlook Express Repair 2.5, a Windows utility that makes it easy to recover corrupt or damaged Outlook Express files. The program works with both Outlook Express 4.0's .mbx files and Outlook Express 5.x and 6.0's .dbx files to maximize the recovery of emails in your mail folders.

For each mail folder that you set up, Outlook Express stores all of your emails in a single file. When any part of that file becomes damaged or corrupt, all of the emails in that folder are lost. DataNumen Outlook Express Repair is able to examine a scrambled Outlook Express file, and recover all unaffected emails. Each recovered email is saved as an .eml file, which can be easily imported back into Outlook Express.

With its emphasis on ease of use, simply right-click the Outlook Express file that you'd like to recover and select the "Repair" option. DataNumen Outlook Express Repair immediately extracts the emails from that file. While no software can recover data from a physically damaged disk track, DataNumen Outlook Express Repair's advanced parsing engine can examine every email in the file, and quickly recover everything that is not located on damaged disk tracks.

DataNumen Outlook Express Repair's batch option lets you specify any number of corrupt Outlook Express mail folders, and recovers all of your emails in a single operation, in the background, as you use your computer for other work.

Whether you're a home user who needs to protect yourself against lost Outlook Express emails, a business person who needs to ensure that backed-up Outlook Express files are sound, or a system consultant or network manager who is responsible for the integrity and security of other people's emails, DataNumen Outlook Express Repair has the tools that you need.

Pricing and Availability

DataNumen Outlook Express Repair 2.5 runs under all versions of Microsoft Windows and supports Outlook Express versions 4 through 6. A single-user license costs $49.95(US) and can be purchased online at Multi-user discounts are available. A free demo version, which will report all of the recoverable emails in a corrupt mail folder, but allow you to save only three emails, is available from ...

News Release: DataNumen Outlook Express Repair: Easily Recover Outlook Express Emails from Damaged Mail Folders
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