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CDE Asia conducts health camps to boost disease awareness at Kolkata Headquarter

27 January 2023

CDE Asia’s Health Awareness and medical testing camp aim to shed light on the prevention and cure of chronic ailments

CDE Asia recently organized two health awareness camps on January 6th and 13th, 2022 at its Headquarter Office in Kolkata in collaboration with AMRI Hospitals to boost awareness about chronic health conditions and provide free medical testing with doctor consultation.

An ardent believer in community service and holistic wellness of human capital both inside and outside, the organization has been consistent in fulfilling social commitments that improve the quality of life of those around us. Health, being the foundation of well-being and the building block for professional competence, has been one of our focus areas.

Unfortunately, India ranks highest in people suffering from chronic and ‘silent killers’ such as cancer, diabetes, and heart ailments (WHO study). Modern lifestyles steeped in pollution, toxic work culture, stress, anxiety, and improper diet, are inviting more and more diseases into the population. Even those who have not yet entered the vicious cycle of diseases, are woefully unaware of how to prevent their onset.

Dr. Subrata Nandy, Detoxification Consultant, from AMRI Hospitals who oversaw the event, said, “Corporates like CDE Asia are fulfilling a noble humanitarian duty by conducting health awareness and free medical testing camps such as this. These are priceless opportunities for the employees to access premium medical resources such as specialist doctors, and medical testing with ease to plan their treatment ahead with precision.”

The camps had provisions to check vital health parameters such as weight, blood pressure, random blood sugar, and ECG (as advised by doctors), apart from free doctor consultations.

Manish Bhartia, MD, CDE Asia said, “We take our social responsibility very seriously and the health camps are an extension of that concern. We are extremely pleased to see both the camps well attended and beneficial to all participants.”
The camps were conducted with assistance from K-Link Healthcare (India) Pvt. Ltd and received impressive footfall.

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News Release: CDE Asia conducts health camps to boost disease awareness at Kolkata Headquarter
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