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Causes, Symptoms, Complications & Treatment of Hip & Spine Fracture

Hip fractures and spine fractures are both serious orthopedic injuries that can have significant consequences for mobility, independence, and quality of life. While they occur in different parts of the body, they share some similarities in terms of causes, symptoms, and treatment approaches. The Hip Fracture Doctor In Andheri is providing everyone with excellent quality medical support.

Hip Fracture

Causes: Hip fractures are often caused by a fall, especially in older adults with weakened bones.
Symptoms: Symptoms of a hip fracture include severe pain in the hip or groin area, inability to bear weight on the affected leg, swelling, bruising, and deformity.
Complications: Hip fractures can lead to complications such as immobility, blood clots, pressure sores, pneumonia, and loss of independence. Surgery is usually required to repair the fracture and restore mobility.
Treatment: Treatment for hip fractures typically involves surgical repair with procedures such as hip pinning, hip replacement (arthroplasty), or fracture fixation. Rehabilitation and physical therapy are essential for regaining strength, mobility, and function.
Spine Fracture

Causes: Spine fractures can result from trauma, such as a car accident, fall from height, or sports injury. They may also occur due to osteoporosis, cancer, or other underlying medical conditions that weaken the bones.
Symptoms: Symptoms of a spine fracture vary depending on the location and severity of the injury but may include back pain, difficulty standing or walking, loss of height, spinal deformity (kyphosis), and neurological symptoms such as weakness or numbness in the limbs.
Complications: Spine fractures can lead to complications such as spinal cord injury, nerve damage, chronic pain, decreased mobility, and loss of function. Treatment aims to stabilize the spine, relieve pain, and prevent further injury.
Treatment: Treatment for spine fractures may involve conservative measures such as rest, pain management, bracing, and physical therapy for stable fractures.
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