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Amani Explains Why Some USB Cables Charge Faster Than Others

9 January 2021: Ever wondered why some USB cables charge faster than others? There is nothing wrong with your mobile phone or charger? So, what is it? Amani Mart- who is a leading provider of quality charging data cables in the market has the answer you are looking for. As the company has started to grow name and fame in the market, one of the representatives of the company decided to step forward to help people understand why some USB cables charge their phone faster than others. In the virtual get together on Instagram- he explained that “When it comes to charging your smartphone, it is the game of cables that matters the most. From the outside, all the cables, whether it's type c data cable, v8 data cable, iOS data cable, or power bank data cable look the same, but from inside they are different.”

He further explained “Inside the cable, there are 4 types of cables- red, white, green, and white. While white and green are for the data, the other two are there to carry the power for the charger. Now, the amount of power your cable can carry depends on the size of the wire it has inside. while 5A is the standard charge rate, Amani power bank data cable comes with the V8 capability. That means you can charge your phone faster compared to other USB.”

Another follower on social media who was also attending the virtual call asked “What if I want a cable that will charge my phone faster without damaging the battery?” As this was the question everyone wanted to ask during the conference, the representative didn’t hesitate to answer it. He explained “The easiest way to do it is to check the capability of your power cable that came with your charger. Some chargers do come with the fast-charging cables; if you don’t have the original cable or are looking for a USB cable to replace it, then we have some iOS Data Cables that you would love to try.”

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News Release: Amani Explains Why Some USB Cables Charge Faster Than Others
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