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Advanced C# Barcode Functionality Released for .NET Core,Standard & Framework Applications

January 6, 2023 -- Iron Software have recently released the Iron Barcode software library for C# and .NET software developers.

Traditionally, scanning barcodes for point of sale, scan, and mobile phone applications has been a complicated task for software developers. The release of the Iron Barcode software library represents a step forward for Windows-based development of barcode scanning applications, with the release now supporting .Net Core, Standard and Framework for complete compatibility for Mac SO X and Linux (Debian, Unbuntu, and CentOS) platforms.

In addition to traditional fast scanning for barcodes in a visual field to recognize barcodes, for example, in a point of sales system, Iron Barcode provides advanced functionality for scanning barcodes from existing documents such as PDFs, TIFFs, and scans, with recognition of the unique requirements of scan applications, including the cleaning of digital noise and fixing poorly rotated, skewed, or damaged images.

Iron Software hope that the release of the C# Barcode Library and its release on NuGet Package Manager under the name Barcode will help Windows and .NET software developers add barcode scanning and image generation functionality easily to their future applications.

For developers to find out more, we suggest you visit Iron Software's tutorials to see how this software is already in use. ...

News Release: Advanced C# Barcode Functionality Released for .NET Core,Standard & Framework Applications
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