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Active 360 Revolutionizes Team Building and Personal Training in London

London, UK - In a significant move for fitness enthusiasts and corporations alike, Active 360 has unveiled its innovative approach to personal training and team building activities in London. This dual offering combines a state-of-the-art personal training facility in Chiswick with unique, environmentally focused team building experiences on London's picturesque waterways.

Premier Personal Training Facilities in Chiswick

Situated near the iconic Kew Bridge, Active 360's gym in Chiswick is more than just a fitness space; it's a hub of creativity and achievement where personal trainers can bring their client's fitness dreams to life. The gym is equipped with the latest in fitness technology, offering a broad spectrum of workout possibilities, from high-intensity interval training to serene yoga sessions.

Comprehensive Fitness Solutions

Active 360 caters to a wide array of fitness regimes with its extensive selection of equipment and amenities. The gym's flexible rental options empower personal trainers to craft bespoke, impactful workout sessions for their clients, ensuring each individual's fitness goals are met with precision and care.

Fostering a Fitness Community

The heart of Active 360's gym lies in its vibrant community. Trainers and clients alike thrive in this supportive environment, where every workout is an opportunity to push boundaries and celebrate achievements. This sense of camaraderie is pivotal to the gym's philosophy, fostering a space where fitness journeys are shared, and goals are reached collectively.

Innovative Team Building with Paddle and Pick

Active 360's "Paddle and Pick" initiative introduces a revolutionary team building concept, merging the thrill of paddleboarding with a commitment to environmental stewardship. Participants are not only treated to a comprehensive paddleboarding experience but are also given the chance to contribute to the cleanup of London's waterways, enhancing their environmental awareness and team spirit.

Environmental Engagement and Corporate Responsibility

In line with their mission to combat plastic pollution, Active 360 offers businesses a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful team building that aligns with corporate social responsibility goals. The "Paddle and Pick" sessions are a testament to Active 360's dedication to creating a sustainable future, inviting corporate teams to partake in this vital environmental initiative.

Versatile Team Building Locations

Active 360 boasts several centrally located sites across London, including the scenic Brentford and the bustling Paddington Basin, providing easy access for corporate groups seeking an unforgettable team building experience. Each location offers a unique backdrop for Active 360's environmentally conscious paddleboarding adventures.

Booking Your Next Adventure

For those eager to experience Active 360's exceptional personal training facilities or partake in their groundbreaking team building activities, information on booking and upcoming events can be found on their website. Early booking is recommended to secure your preferred date and time for an unforgettable fitness experience.


Active 360 stands at the forefront of integrating fitness and environmental activism, offering unparalleled personal training and team building experiences in London. Join them on their mission to foster health, teamwork, and sustainability in one of the world's most vibrant cities.

Contact Information

For inquiries and bookings, contact Active 360 at 0203 393 5360 or visit their website Embark on your fitness journey at their Gyms Chiswick or plan your next Team Building Ideas London event with Active 360, where fitness meets environmental consciousn ...

News Release: Active 360 Revolutionizes Team Building and Personal Training in London
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