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7 Shopfitting Mistakes That Will Convince You To Hire The Pros

Do you own a retail or service shop? Before opening it to the public, you must do some shopfitting first. This refers to the process of transforming bare commercial spaces into functional ones by installing fixtures, equipment, and fittings. Hiring professional shopfitters in London is the way to go to avoid costly consequences.

And in this article, we've rounded up seven shopfitting mistakes to convince you to get help from the pros.

Use of cheap materials. It's understandable how commercial property owners like you want to save money. Apart from the shopfitting, you need to spend money on marketing, your employees, and on making/sourcing your products. However, this doesn't mean that you should simply resort to cheaper, low-quality materials. In the long run, they will cost you more financially and reputation-wise.

Rigid shop design and layout. When you're designing and fitting your shop, Shopfitters London recommend thinking about what's usable in the long run. Your commercial space should have flexibility and scalability so that when it's time to upgrade and add more products or tweak a layout to accommodate a seasonal display, you can do it more cost-effectively.

Poorly designed and installed shelving. Shelving matters a lot in a retail or service shop. After all, it's the very space you use to showcase your offerings. The way you design and install them should be of high quality and contribute to people's in-shop experience. Otherwise, you can lose sales and disappoint customers.

Disorganised, cluttered display. In relation to the item above, you also have to mind how you organise your displays. If you hire shopfitting pros, they can help you organise your products, making it easier for you to convince customers to buy them. A disorganised display can also compromise the image of your brand.

Inappropriate design for your counters. Though they're often underutilised, your counters can actually help you boost your bottom line. If it's cleverly designed, it can greatly impact your customers. So make sure there's enough space to facilitate transactions. Also, style it in a way that showcases your branding elements to enhance brand awareness.

Odd-one-out concept. If you own a retail or service shop, consistency in branding is key. If there's a section that seems out of place, it can leave a bad impression. Keep in mind that every corner and inch of your space should be used to help your products sell — and not turn off customers.

Improper lighting. Even if you have the best layout, shelving, display, and counter in town, all of these will be meaningless if your shop is not well-lit. However, proper lighting isn't just about installing lights. You have to pay attention to colour and placement.

Hire The Most Trusted Shopfitters In London

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