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6 Tips How To Enjoy Dining In Michelin-Starred Restaurant

Dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant is an experience. For a restaurant to earn the coveted three Michelin stars, it has to offer quite the "exceptional cuisine" — and serve "a special journey" to the guests. If you’re planning to dine in one, checking out Great food reviews online is much-needed so you can truly enjoy your time in that fancy place.

In this list, we’ve gathered six tips to help you make your Michelin-starred restaurant experience even more memorable.

Allow enough time for your dining experience. Good things take time. And this is particularly true if you’re dining in a Michelin restaurant. On average, guests spend 2.5 to 3 hours eating in this kind of place. While your dishes are being prepared, you should expect a couple of servers (e.g. Drink or bread server) to make your waiting time worthwhile.

Educate yourself and search for the best food reviews. If you’re adding dining at a Michelin restaurant in your itinerary, it’s a must to do some research first. From location to the menu offered to their special do’s and don’ts, you have to know these details for your experience to be truly enjoyable. You should look for credible reviews to have an idea of what to experience when you eat in that place.

Book a reservation. Keep in mind that it’s not only you who want to have a taste of what makes that Michelin restaurant special. Some even have to do reservations months in advance. Part of your research should be about knowing just how in-demand the restaurant is so you can secure a table reservation for you and/or your loved ones.

Make sure you inform them of any dietary restrictions. Upon your inquiry and reservation, don’t forget to forward any dietary requirements that you have (for instance, you’re allergic to nuts). This will help them personalize your dining experience and let you enjoy their dishes safely.

Be honest with your budget. Expensive is a commonly linked word with Michelin restaurants. However, you don’t have to go broke just to tick off a Michelin dining experience from your wish list. If you’re bringing the whole family, opt for the tasting menu (wherein you’ll be served with all the menu items at certain portions for a fixed price). You can also inquire if they have a mini tasting menu if you don’t have the budget. If you’re going solo or just with one person, you can try à la carte and go for the dish that you really want to try. If you’ve got time, it’ll be more economical to go for lunch (they have less pricey offers) or look for weekday specials.

Don’t be overwhelmed by jargon. A Michelin menu can be so exquisitely written that you might not be familiar with some terms. If you don’t know what en cocotte or émincé means, don’t be afraid to ask about it. It will help you know and enjoy the food that you’re about to eat better.

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