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5 Reasons Why Rats and Mice Love Your Home

Your home is where you should feel the safest and most comfortable. And when unwanted guests like pets get inside, they can make your home an unpleasant place to be. Rats and mice can chew electrical wiring and cause fires. They’re also considered health hazards: They carry pathogens that can lead to diseases such as leptospirosis. When you see these animals in your house, you need to get help from a pest control Tunbridge Wells company.

Things In Your Home That Attract Mice And Rats

Ranging from the obvious to the surprising, here are things that make your home inviting to these pests.

Warmth. Mice and rats are warm-blooded animals. And like humans, they also seek warmth and comfort — in other words, their own "home." They commonly build their nests near hot water heaters, the area under your furniture, behind your walls, cellars, and roof spaces. According to pest control Tunbridge Wells, make sure to fill any cracks or openings where they can enter. Take note that they can squeeze themselves in less-than-2cm gaps.

Clutter. Where else can these pests hide in your home? In cluttered areas. From unkempt garages to attics and storage rooms, rats and mice can find the warmth that they’re seeking, especially during winter time.

Food. These pests are attracted to all sorts of food — including pet food and those food wastes in your compost. So you really have to up your food storage and disposal game. However, keep in mind that it’s not just kitchen treats that rats and mice consider food. They also chew wires, papers, and cardboard.

Leaky pipes. As much as they love food, they also get thirsty and crave water. Often, they get that resource from water dripping from your plumbing, HVAC system, and sprinkler heads. If you have pets at home, their water bowls can also attract mice and rats.

House plants. Indoor plants do have their benefits. But don’t forget about their disadvantages as well — one of which is how they can invite pests. If you have big plants in big pots, rats and mice will find them a safe space to hide. If you have fruit plants or nut trees inside your home, they can also attract pests who are looking for food.

Signs That You Have Rats And Mice In Your Home

To prevent them from entering your home, it’s a must to keep your space clean and get any cracks or openings sealed. Tackle any plumbing leaks and make sure to securely cover your trash and compost bins.

Despite these measures, these pests might still be able to get inside your home. How do you know that you have these pests in your dwelling space?

One is the presence of tooth marks on soft metals (e.g. Aluminium) and chew marks on your wiring. If you hear gnawing sounds or smell a vinegary or ammonia-like odour, then there are probably rats and mice living somewhere in your house. Other obvious signs include rat and mouse droppings and greasy black smears on the routes that they’re travelling.

To make sure they’re properly addressed without causing damage to your home, it’s best to enlist help from pest control Tunbridge Wells professionals. And in this field, Colin Coley Pest Control and Wildlife Management is highly recommended. They have over 20 years of experience, helping keep homes rats- and mice-free. Learn more at or call them on 01732 387 243 to ...

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