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11 Things To Do When A Pipe Bursts In Your Home

Pipe bursts are the last thing you’d want to happen in your home. Even if it’s just a small section of your plumbing system, it can bring out litres of water within a day if not acted upon immediately. Your space will be flooded. Your furnishings will be damaged. And you will be left stressed out taking care of the high costs that come with addressing these consequences. To avoid all these, here are 11 things you need to do — including getting help from an emergency plumber Guildford.

Shut off the main water valve. Don’t panic when you have a pipe burst at home. Stay focused and tick this off first on your to-do list. To avoid wasting time, be sure to know where your main water valve is located (e.g. In the basement, in a mechanical room, under the kitchen sink).

Turn off your electrical system. Cutting off your power supply will make things safer at home. But if the path towards your breaker box is flooded, it’s better to get help from an electrician.

Open a faucet. Doing this will help relieve pressure on your plumbing system by draining any remaining water from it.

Call a plumber. A full-DIY repair after a pipe burst isn’t advised by experts. If you enlist the services of a professional Plumber Guildford, you can rest assured that the best tools and techniques will be used. Additionally, they can identify the root cause, spot any hidden issues, and repair them accordingly.

Add a temporary patch. If you have electrical tape, epoxy putty, or a sleeve clamp at home, you can attempt to temporarily keep your pipe secure. This will prevent the affected pipe’s situation from worsening.

Take your belongings to a safer place. Secure items you can move — including important documents and other valuables — to prevent them from getting damaged by water.

Heat up your pipes. Using a hair dryer or any portable heat source, blow heat into vulnerable pipes (i.e. Those located in your basement or crawl spaces) as well as to the cold rooms of your home. This will provide warmth to your frozen pipes.

Open your doors and windows. Apart from using mechanical devices to heat up your space, simply opening doors and windows can let more warm air in. This will also facilitate better air circulation.

Open your cabinet and pantry doors. If the pipe is located inside cabinets or pantries, keep their doors open to let warm air flow around the affected pipe.

Start removing water. Not cleaning up the water can lead to mold damage. Use your mop, blowers, and dehumidifiers to get rid of the water. You can also tap professionals to ensure your space is completely dried.

Get in touch with your insurance provider. To reduce your expenses, consult with your insurance company. Check if pipe burst damages are covered by your policy and provide proof that the leaky pipe is not a result of negligence on your part.

Combat Pipe Bursts With Prompt Services From An Emergency Plumber Guildford

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