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University of Emerging Technologies (UET) and the American Council on Education (ACE) join hands to provide College Credit-recommended courses in Emerging Technologies for current and future Undergrad Students in the US.

University of Emerging Technologies (UET), America’s fastest-growing EdTech online platform, is excited to announce its partnership with American Council on Education(ACE) to pilot six online courses as micro-degrees in emerging technologies — DevOps & Cloud Management, Full Stack Web Development, Blockchain Technology, Cross Platform Mobile App Development, AI & Machine Learning, and Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking. ACE team, after extensive review, has approved the courses to be equivalent to three to six credit-hour college courses and recommended for credits at Undergrad at all the member schools of ACE. In addition, students will receive transcripts and digital badges through Credly’s Acclaim platform to allow recipients to grant college credit, satisfy degree requirements, verify skills required for a job opportunity, or share on social media platforms. Students who fulfill the requirements will receive three to six credit hours towards their elective credit requirements for their Bachelor’s degree.

Prasad Mavuduri, CEO of the University of Emerging Technologies (UET), speaking on this occasion, has reiterated UET’s commitment to bringing the best courses in emerging tech and management to impart deployable advanced technical skills that are direly needed in the current markets. Also, Prasad has thanked ACE for promising to extend their support to UET students in the acceptance/transfer of their credits to educational/professional institutions. Prasad has highlighted that these college-level courses count toward Credits for Prior Learning for aspiring students but also present strong candidates for college admission by completing college-level courses. In addition, current college students, Military Veterans, Upskilling candidates at Corporates, and students at Workforce Development institutions can take these courses and appropriately transfer credits or present badges to prospective institutions/employers.

Interestingly, these online UET courses (Micro-degrees) are designed to have three “bite-sized” nano-degrees for each micro-degree for easier consumption at affordable prices. Students are required to complete all assignments and clear the proctored final exam to receive a Certificate of Completion from the University of Emerging Technologies. Furthermore, students receive a recommendation for three to six credit hours towards their elective credit recommendations for their Bachelor’s degree. In addition, UET will support the students with continuous support through Academic Enablers, Online Labs, and eFlok, an online collaborative whiteboard.

For more questions regarding admissions and credit transfer, please get in touch with the University of Emerging Technologies Admissions Department by emailing admissions@emergingtechuniversity. ...

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