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Silk Route Tour Sikkim

?In Sikkim Silk Route Tour Package lot of places are there to visit which are unique to this place.

Thambi View Point located north of Zuluk, is situated at an altitude of 11,600 ft. offers an excellent sunrise view. From Thambi View Point you can have marvelous view of the Kunchenjunga Range and also the zig-zag road with its 99 turns. Make sure to visit in the early morning to avoid clouds obstruction. (As per locals they have sighted Yeti or Banjhakri(in Nepali), remember the abominable snowman from Tintin In Tibet. You can here hear stories from locals here).

Lungthung very close to Thambi Valley is at an altitude of 11,500 ft. offers an exiting view of the Kunchenjunga, Sunrise, Sunset as well as the serpentine Zig Zag Road. The complete area of Lungthung falls under Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary with home to different types of rhododendrons, ferns, birds and animals. The area has high army presence due to proximity of the China border.

Menmecho & Elephant Lake If you travel further north from Gnathang Valley you come to Kupup. Here on both sides of the road are two Lakes. On The right is the Elephant/Kupup lake which can be viewed from the Elephant Lake View Point on the main road and if you want you can take next right turn and go the edge of the lake. Menmecho Lake is however is on the left side of the main road and you have to trek for considerable distance to reach the l ...

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