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How Earwax And Its Improper Removal Can Cause Hearing Issues

At some point in everyone's lives, they will experience a hearing issue. Though they’re common, hearing problems can be distressing as they affect one of the most critical organs in daily functioning — the ears. Did you know that earwax buildup and improper removal can compromise your sense of hearing? This is experts recommend getting professional ear wax removal Basingstoke services.

What Is Earwax?

Though its buildup is bad, earwax is a waxy substance secreted in your ear canal that helps protect your ears from bacteria and dirt. Medically referred to as cerumen, it plays a necessary role so you can prevent getting ear infections. Additionally, it acts as a lubricant for your eardrum and is essential and keeping your ear canal clean.

But when there’s an excessive presence of earwax, it can block your ear canal and lead to hearing problems.

When you experience ear pain, ringing in your ear, a plugged sensation, difficulty hearing, and dizziness — it could be that one of your ears (or both) has earwax buildup. According to an audiologist Basingstoke, you’ll know when it’s already escalated to a much more serious concern if you have the following:

Odour coming from your ear

Drainage from your ear canal

Itchy sensation in your ear


How Do You Remove Excess Earwax?

First, you must know that you should never attempt digging up earwax buildup on your own. Because of a lack of proper devices and a limited field of vision, you may damage other parts of your ears. Additionally, inserting anything into your ear canal can push the buildup back further.

Usually, an annual appointment with an audiologist is adequate to keep the buildup at bay. You should also seek their professional services in emergency cases (e.g. You have sudden hearing loss or you’re experiencing tinnitus, which refers to a buzzing, whistling or screeching sound in your ears).

If you’re looking for home remedies to get your ears cleaned, here are your options:

Earwax removal drops. These drops are meant to soften your earwax, which makes it easier for the buildup to find its way out of your ears. You can avail of over-the-counter oil- and water-based drops such as hydrogen peroxide, mineral oil, and baby oil.

Earwax irrigation kits. These at-home kits comprise water and saline-based solutions to flush out the wax from your ears. However, keep in mind that you should not use it if you have diabetes, a weakened immune system, or you have undergone a medical procedure involving your ears. The same applies if you have a ruptured eardrum, which can lead to hearing infection or loss.

Get Help From The Leading Audiologist Basingstoke Has To Offer

Don’t let earwax buildup impair your hearing. At Horace Hearing, you can hire a professional audiologist who offers tailored services designed to manage and improve hearing conditions and even prevent them from happening in the first place. Their wide array of services includes earwax removal (both monoaural and biaural).

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