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A Right Way to Use Bus Air Conditioner

Summer is coming and the whether is becoming hotter and hotter. So we would use bus air conditioners more frequent.

Today we would show you the right way to use bus air conditioner in summer. 

Below is the detail steps:

1. Don’t turn on the air conditioner when the bus just starts

Because the whether is hot and inside the temperature is high. So you may turn on the air conditioner at first. But this is not good.
a. By this way, the cooling effect is not very obvious.
b. This would increase the engine’s load at first and increase fuel consumption.

Right way: First open all the windows for a while, 5-10 minutes, and then turn on the air conditioner would be netter.

2. Don’t choose the lowest temperature.

For most drivers, they all hope to cool the temperature quickly, so they set the lowest temperature. In this way, the temperature difference is big and the engine need greater power and higher speed to maintain the air conditioner work, which would increase the fuel consumption.

Right way: Normally, the temperature difference between the body and ambient should be 5??6?, and could be bigger at noon. The driver should check the ambient temperature when set the bus air conditioner’s temperature. This is also a way to protect air conditioners and extend service life.

3. Air conditioner should not be in low-grade all the time

If the air conditioner works at low-grade for a long time, in the air diffuser would accumulate lots of dust, which would have bad influence on the people’s health. So we should switch different grade regularly, thus would blow out the dust.

Right way: Every once in a while, we should turn the air conditioner to highest gear and works for half an hour.

4. The cooling system should work normally when meeting the three requirements at the same time:
a. Engine is in idling.
b. The temperature should be 5?
c. A\C switch should be in some gear.

Coronavirus recommendations: how to use the bus A/C correctly

Coronavirus emergency can be faced (also) by correctly using the bus’s air conditioning system. Public transport means are one of the critical place for contagion, for the proximity of people commuting to and from work. Taking into account this, how should public bus air conditioners be properly used and effectively disinfected?
Here below is the decalogue published by the Chinese bus air conditioning supplier Guchen Industry.

Operational recommendations during the outbreak?
1, During the epidemic period, it is not recommended to use air conditioning for vehicles. It is recommended to open windows for ventilation or use skylight exhaust fans to achieve the effect of rapid air exchange in the compartment.
2, It is not recommended to use the air conditioner fresh air alone; if the air conditioner fresh air function is required, the windows and skylight exhaust fans must be opened simultaneously, which allows the rapid circulation of fresh air inside the compartment and the air conditioner, and to avoid the spread of air pollution in the compartment.
3, Disinfect the air duct and return air port in accordance with the bus.
4, If you need to use the fresh air function of the air conditioner to ventilate the compartment, please do the following:

1) Take out the dust screen of the air conditioner every day and clean it outside the vehicle at least once. The filter screen can be soaked in the chlorine containing disinfectant with effective chlorine concentration of 250mg / l-500mg / L for 30 minutes, then rinse it with clean water and dry it before use.
Note: It is not recommended to use alcohol for disinfection. If you use alcohol, it takes 30 minutes to fully volatilize, and then check and dry the screen before use to avoid potential fire safety risks.

2)The air conditioner is equipped with air purification and disinfection, anion purification and ozone disinfection functions. Users can increase the use of this function to disinfect and purify the carriage air.

3) The air outlet in the driver’s area should be closed. Because the driver works long hours, it is recommended to open the side window glass to inject fresh air into the driver and the compartment to avoid the transmission of viruses to the driver’s a ...

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